Rumble Training Camp offers a comprehensive boxing training program for all levels. Designed by professional coaches, it teaches fundamental techniques like stance, jab, cross, hook, and uppercut punches. Equipped with quality gear such as heavy bags and target mitts. 

Training sessions include warm-ups, shadow boxing, endurance drills, and punch combinations. Participants will build strength, endurance, coordination, and confidence. This program is ideal for enhancing fitness, reducing stress, and learning the challenging martial art. Suitable for both beginners and experienced boxers.


Rumble Training Camp offers a Muay Thai program designed for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. With enthusiastic and experienced coaches, we provide a supportive and positive environment for learning and growth. 

Our program includes basic techniques, attack combinations, and fighting strategies, all within a spacious and well-maintained facility. Varied training schedules ensure that every participant receives the attention they need to progress.


Rumble Training Camp introduces the Conditioning Training program (R45), designed to enhance participants’ endurance and physical strength. This program combines strength and endurance training with martial arts techniques, providing an intensive and comprehensive workout. 

Focused on improving stamina, speed, and flexibility, this program is perfect for those aiming to achieve peak physical condition. Our experienced coaches will guide you through each session, ensuring you gain the maximum benefit from your workout.


Rumble Training Camp presents a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program designed to enhance martial arts skills through grappling and submission techniques. Open to all levels, our program offers intensive training focusing on position control, throws, and locks. 

With dedicated and experienced instructors, we ensure a safe and effective learning experience. Training at Rumble not only boosts physical strength and flexibility but also cultivates mental calmness and discipline. Ideal for those looking to improve self-defense and overall fitness.


As our commitment to encourage people mentally and physically through martial arts, we open for all level members into some class category.


Basic class will train you about the basic fundamental technique in every martial arts class in Rumble TC. The goal from this class category is to develop your basic techniques, movements, and rhythm before you can start becoming more fluid and throw strikes without thinking. Even the professional fighter needs to master the basic technique to get the best result on the next level.
*All levels are welcome for this class category


Advance class is for member who have some previous training experience and already know the basics. The intensity of the training is increased and some more complex techniques and combinations are taught. In this class, members will be challenged both physically and mentally, and will have the opportunity to spar and compete at a higher level.
*All levels are welcome for this class category


Drill class are systematic training to practice your fighting skills by performing multiple repetitions of specific movements or combinations. In the drilling class, precision and technical accuracy are the most important aspects. Drilling class is also a good way to improve your reflexes and build muscle memory. The drills taught will help beginners learn how to implement fundamental techniques in sparring help advanced practitioners strengthen weaknesses and learn how to implement various fight strategies.
*All levels are welcome for this class category


Sparring Class it’s a time to try out, test and work on your technical skills, your timing, reaction, endurance etc, under realistic competitive conditions with a training partner of a similar level.
*All levels are welcome for this class category